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XT-1025 High Volume Air Sampler
Capability Feature

Ø       Multi-function: TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 collection;

Ø       Reliable Continuous Sampling: Automatically calculate the sampling volume and weight under standard based on real-time temperature and pressure monitioring; Correct the sampling volume in real time by the filter pressure drop to ensure the sampling flow rate is constant;

Ø       User Friendly Operation: Full LCD screen parameters settings and data display; can set, edit and save all the parameters for sampling easily and directly;

Ø       Easy-Installation: Modular design which is easy for dismantling, transportation and installation;

Ø       Easy-Maintenance: Special particle separate device assembly-design, which is easy to change, disassembly and clean; equipped with brushless motor to decrease the malfunction in continuous working period; automated data protection and recovery to ensure the sampling volume and quality of data when the power is off.

Technical Parameter

Ø       Size Selective Inlets: TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0;

Ø       Air Flow Rate: 1000L/min ± 1%;

Ø       Automatic Environmental Parameters Measurement: Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed and Barometric Pressure etc;

Ø       Full LCD Screen Parameters Settings and Data Display: The operator can set, edit and save all the parameters for sampling microcomputer control and intelligent sampling time control; USB flash disk export usable;

Ø       Operating Temperature: -20 to 50;

Ø       Power Consumption: <800W;

Ø       Power Supply: AC 180-230V, 50Hz;

Ø       Dimensions & Weight: (480×480×1650) mm, 60kg.

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